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DMW Marine Group has been supplying marine cranes, of all types, to the military, offshore oil drilling and service providers, oceanographic survey and research vessels, aquaculture, yachts, police and fire departments, and Offshore Wind for over 30 years.

We have more standard models and sizes available, in all configurations than any other supplier, and customization is our strength.

Special purpose equipment and attachments are routine for us! Please contact us with any specific need or application, and a member of our team will assist you to get the right crane for your project.

Dock Mounted

Aquaculture Cranes

Our aquaculture cranes have been used in this industry for over 20 years. Designed specifically for this application, the cranes are robust, marinized, and not truck cranes.

With thicker pins and plates, they are built for operating in salt water and corrosive environments.

Auqua-culture cranes by DMW Marine Group, LLC - Chester Springs, PA

Aquaculture Crane Gallery

Offshore & Oil Field Industry

DMW Marine Cranes can be found on all of these modern OFFSHORE RIGS, plus many others: Transocean, Rowan and Noble. Now with ABS, API and DNV approvals, DMW Marine Cranes are becoming the standard of the industry.

Our telescoping and knuckle boom cranes are particularly well suited to offshore applications.

Offshore Oil Field Cranes made by DMW Marine Group, LLC - Chester Springs, PA

Offshore & Oil Field Industry Gallery


  • DMW 250.000EXW160 recently installed in South America
  • DMW Model 250.000EX heavy lift knuckle boom
  • DMW M380 on service vessel
  • DMW Knuckle boom on a barge
  • DMW Model 30.000EX2 Sandy Hook Pilots vessel
  • DMW Model MRC40.50A on a small workboat
  • DMW 10.000EX4 on fishing vessel
  • DMW 40.000EXW130 on new Fugro vessel
  • Norfolk Dredge with DMW 30.000EX4
Workboat Cranes by DMW Marine Group, LLC - Chester Springs, PA

Workboat Gallery

  • DMW M660.24A2 load test
  • DMW 26.000ET3
  • DMW SOLAS crane on Navy Vessel (1 of 4)
  • DMW 26.000ET3 on special operations boat
  • DMW 40.000EX4 on US Navy Vessel
  • DMW cranes on US Navy Vessel (photos 4-6)
  • DMW 500.000EX3 for NAVY – 500-ton meter knuckle boom (photos 7-8)
  • DMW 40.000EX1 Mexican Navy crane (1 of 8) (photos 9-11)
  • DMW 500.000EX3 operational test
Cranes for Military Ships by DMW Marine Group, LLC - Chester Springs, PA

Military Gallery

Dock Mounted

  • 40.000 telescoping crane at GCAC
  • Installation in Panama for the Smithsonian
  • Dock Mount in New Hampshire
  • Dock Mount in North Carolina
  • 75.000EX4 Dock Mount installed in the Arctic for arctic conditions
  • M230.20A3 installed in Connecticut
  • 75.000EX4 – tar sands, Canada
  • MR230.45A Dock Mount in Spain
Dock Mounted Cranes from DMW Marine Group, LLC - Chester Springs, PA

Dock Mounted Gallery


  • DMW M95 on a research vessel
  • DMW marine cranes on a Taiwan research vessel show that the oceanographic community prefers robust marine cranes.
  • DMW model 200.000EX3
  • DMW Model M40.90A1 on a University research vessel in the USA
  • DMW Model M40.90A2 on an Oceanographic vessel in Canada
Cranes for the Oceanographic industry by DMW Marine Group, LLC - Chester Springs, PA

Oceanographic Gallery

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