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DMW Marine Group specializes in the design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution of special application marine cranes.


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DMW Marine Group offers service contracts, training, installation, start up and commissioning of our cranes.

Service & Repair

Marine Crane Manufacturers | Service & RepairDMW Marine Group offers worldwide service on all of its products – DMW Marine technicians are fully certified for installations, service, repair and training on almost every offshore vessel and oil rig.

Specialty Applications

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DMW Marine Group designs, engineers and manufactures personnel and cargo handling equipment specifically for military applications and can meet any design criteria, including API 2C, ABS and SOLAS.


March 02, 2017 Commissioned new installation of M660.24A2 in Key West, Florida
February 13, 2017 January 2017 shipped 2 each 40.000EX1 to a customer in Brownsville, TX with installation to take place in February or March.
December 09, 2016 Received an order for two each M400.24A6 – 40tm cranes with 16 meters of reach
December 07, 2016 Shipped a model M660.24A2 to a customer in Florida
November 07, 2016 Delivered a M660.24AJ1 to a customer in Louisiana